Simple Flyback Driver Gives Powerful Arcs





Introduction: Simple Flyback Driver Gives Powerful Arcs

Here are some pictures of my 555 timer flyback driver with two of my flybacks. Unfortunately, I didn't have the parts to build a ZVS flyback driver, so I decided to improve my existing driver. The setup us simple, a 555 timer oscillates at a frequency determined by a variable resistor, and turns on and off a MOSFET that I found inside of an old computer power supply. The MOSFET is supplied with about 20 volts from two old lead acid batteries from an electric scooter. The arcs are quite impressive, especially for a 555 timer driver. I can draw sparks that are almost two inches long!

Sorry, no pictures of the driver yet, or of the longer sparks.



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do those arcs look very lethal or is it just me?(just curious)  

Unfortunately, I never measured the power that the circuit was using - so I can't even make a rough estimate at the secondary side current, but the arcs are not quite as hot as those from a neon sign transformer, so I would guess that this will not kill you (although I wouldn't want to be shocked by it either!).

 i just noticed the deadly orange-ness around the arc... usually indicting high current, after all 7-10 ma is all it takes

actual 10mA is unlikely to kill you

Hmm... yeah. Some people say the lethal rate is 10mA, some say 30mA or even 100mA(!). The people who say 100mA is the lethal rate are obviously wrong. But it usually depends. Sometimes 10mA kills, sometimes is doesn't. Same goes for 30mA but it's more likely to harm you. People have survived power from a MOT, but this does not mean that I believe anymore can survive 500mA.

i think that 10mA DIRECTLY across the hear will kill you but it doesn't always go through the heart 30mA can cause damage to a healthy heart but probably not kill and 70mA is likely to kill and if your extremely lucky you can survive a MOT. i also think it takes around 90V under normal circumstances to over come the resistance of both your hands.

6 mA across the heart is enough

In some cases, yes. You'd have to be pretty unlucky.

who cares, just avoid getting shocked by anything above 5 mA cause after that it just hurts.

thats true