Picture of Simple Floating Deck
My stepfather needed a deck at his duplex that wasn't permanent, and was relatively cheap.
I put this together in a couple of hours for about a hundred dollars.

Step 1: Design

Picture of Design
Pretty basic, a square frame with 2x6s, this one is 8x8. We used 2x4s to cover it just because they were cheaper, but generally one would use 5/4 x 6s. Use something to space the boards evenly, I used the flat end of a carpenters pencil.
CharlotteM33 months ago

Could something like this be built to place an above ground pool on? our backyard has a slope and this seems easier than trying to level the ground where we do not plan to permanently reside. the size of the pool is 16x48

digimancer5 years ago
 Hey Tim, so now that its been about a year, how is this thing holding up? I am likely going to do something similar, not sure if i'm going to stick with 2x4's tho unless they are really cheap. 
TimBTodd (author)  digimancer5 years ago
It's held up just fine. Wood's not rotten. If the deck boards are close to the same price, I'd go with those.
cogni5 years ago
Wow! I can't build stuff but I could get some lawn guy types around here, who come cheaper than real carpenters, to build one. Question: Is the wood treated for rot-proofing? (I forgot what they call that kind of wood. Treated vs. untreated, or something.) and how will it withstand rain generally--would you use deck-stain on it? I live on the 3rd coast (i.e. near Gulf of Mexico) and there's a lot of rainfall. We can't keep any wooden patio furniture outside.
TimBTodd (author)  cogni5 years ago
Deck wood is pressure treated, but you'd likely need to buy some water-proofer or deck stain or something.
digimancer5 years ago
 How did you bolt the frame together?
What supports the weight at the center?
TimBTodd (author)  digimancer5 years ago
 Somehow I forgot to add that there are cross braces, three of them I believe. The same wood used for the outer frame. The frame is just connected with deck bolts.