Simple High Voltage Flyback inverter [without feedback coil]

Step 6: The schematic

This is the schematic for your inverter circuit.
It will run on a 12-20V DC power supply (may also be a battery).

I'm using a 12V adapter which somehow gives me 17V output, and when connected it drops to 15V due to the internal resistance.

As you can see, we're using a side of the HV coill as feedback for the Gate on the MOSFET.
It will couse some kind of delay between each pulse which is sent to the primary coil.
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mgingerich2 years ago
For some reason wall jacks always output way more volts than they say they will. I think it's just shoddy manufacturing. It could be that they're designed for a really specific load though
-max- mgingerich9 months ago

If the reciprocals are outputting ~169.6 volts, that is perfectly normal. You are measuring the peak voltages, not the RMS (Root-Mean Square) voltage. RMS is essentially the average of the absolute value of the AC waveform. It is literally defined as the equivalent voltage/current/power delivered to a resistive load, such as a heater or Edison lamp. Also they are not designed as labratory power supplies, so they are crude in the fact that they have high tolerances.

-max-9 months ago

You should add a few TVS diodes, MOVs, or at least some zener diodes between the gate and drain of the MOSFET, to prevent a high voltage transient from destroying the fragile Metal Oxide Layer between the gate and the rest of the Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor.

can you please help this won't work!