Simple Friendship Band




Introduction: Simple Friendship Band

Here is a simple idea that lets you turn a small strands of Yarn into a simple friendship band.

Step 1: Pick a Yarn

Take a Yarn that is about 15 - 18 inches in length.

Note: The final band will be about 1/3 length of he the yarn you start with

Step 2: Make a Loop

At one end of the Yarn make a loop

Step 3: Make a Slip Knot

Pull the long end of the yarn through the loop to make a Slip Knot

Step 4: Tighten It

Pull the pinched Yarn till it tightens and then pull the long strand to reduce tte loop to a small size.

Step 5: Chain on Slip Knots

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to make a chain of Slip Knots. Stop when you have the desired length.

Step 6: Finish the Chain

Pull the Loose end of yarn through the loop and tuck on it to tighten the Chain.

Step 7: The Band Is Ready to Roll



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