This is a easy technique to make a glove puppet head with everyday household items.

You'll need:

Toilet Paper Tube
Aluminum Foil
Paper Towels or Newspaper
White Glue
Paints and Brushes

Step 1: Start the Head Form

The trick is to make the head light so it is easy to perform with.  Use tin foil to sculpt the basic shape of the head and jam it onto the toilet paper tube.  Place your index and middle fingers inside of the tube and see if it is comfortable, this is how you will eventually control the head of the puppet.  You may need to change the scale of the head or trim down the tube, do what ever you need to do to make it feel "right".

When you are happy with the shape and the feel, wrap the tin foil in tape.  I used blue painter's tape, but masking tape will work as well.

Note: I placed a tube through the head of my puppet, because he has a sneezing effect.  You do not have to do this. It's kind of gross actually.

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