Picture of Simple Guitar Pedal Board
Rather than blowing the price of a new pedal on a pedal board I decided to make my own and put the money I saved towards a new DD-7. The board is made from pieces of pine from our back shed. The thin pieces are 18 x 45mm the wide piece at the bottom is an off cut from a shelf and is 18mm x 140mm. The five pieces are joined together with PVA glue and short wood screws then sprayed black. 
On the front I ran strips of loop velcro with matching strips of hook velcro on the backs of the pedals. I joined the two volume type pedals to the board by running cable ties round and over short lengths of bamboo cane.
If was going to make this again I would replace the 140mm strip with three more 45mm pieces. The gaps between the wood are useful for threading cables.

Ahh the Behringers. Great electronics. Good sounds. It's a shame the cases they are in break. I tend to put the electronics of em inside a better case.

andrew81721 year ago
Nice wah. I've got the same one. :)
Thanks for the idea! Great and easy to make
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jcash2 years ago
Simple and effective design. nice job
timgray3 years ago
What's that power supply? looks serious.
robives (author)  timgray3 years ago
It's a 9v, 10 outlet supply, very useful!
This looks great! And what an awesome way to save some money! I would know, I just spent all my guitar money on a brand-new case, so I'll be looking for cheap equipment now. Thanks for putting this up, man! :)