We're having a Halloween party around my place, which is mostly taking place outdoors.  I thought it would be cool to have some glowing LED 'eyes' watching from the bushes and trees around the party, so I did some googling and came across LED Throwies.  They're kind of cool, but I wanted to have two LEDs running off one battery, and have them sufficiently far apart that they looked like glowing eyes from a distance of a few metres.

So, I came up with these 'Toilet Roll Terrors', or Bog Roll Bogles, if you're from my part of the world.  Essentially, it's two LEDs forming a simple circuit centred on a 'coin slot' for the watch battery that powers the whole thing.  It's all put together with tape, garden wire and a toilet roll.

Read on to see how they're put together.

Step 1: You Will Need

To build a Toilet Roll Terror, you will need:

- One standard toilet roll inner tube
- a roll of black electrician's insulating tape
- One Lithium CR 2032 watch battery
- Two coloured LEDs (red or green works best)
- Two five inch lengths of garden wire, with the plastic casing stripped off
- A craft knife
- A pair of pliers with a wire stripper
- Scissors

You can do this without the craft knife and pliers, they just make it much easier to cut, bend and trim things as you go.

This is great! Will be perfect for my costume, thanks for your post.

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