Simple Hat and Key Rack




Introduction: Simple Hat and Key Rack

This is a simple project made from items around the shop.

Step 1: I Was Cleaning Out the Shop and Found a Bunch of Miscellaneous Materials That Included an Old Calendar With Some Pictures I Liked, a Metal Tar Bucket Lid, a Shed Antler, and Some Braided Rope.

I cleaned up the lid with a wire brush and sprayed it with 3m adhesive. I then laid the picture from the calendar over the lid pressing it firmly smoothing out air bubbles. I've then took a razor knife and cut off any excess.

Step 2: Touch Up and Glazing.

There were spots on the metal lid that shone through as black. I just took some craft paint and blended it so that it would not be so obvious. Then I took a two part epoxy to glaze over and bring the level up to the edge of the lid. this gave it a nice deep look. Follow the instructions for the epoxy exactly. If you get a few small bubbles, passing the torch quickly over them will cause him to clear up but do not hold the flame on the project or you will set it on fire. Allow the epoxy to dry for a full 24 hours.

Step 3: Trim Work

for the final step I just used hot glue around the edge to attach the braided rope and the antler for hanging keys and hats. A simple hanger on the back of the project allows it to be mounted wherever you want.



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