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Environmental enrichment is essential for the health and well-being of our pets. Hedgehogs are especially interesting and adorable pets that have become popular throughout America.

They are very active and need lots of exercise to avoid becoming obese in captivity. Here is a quick and inexpensive dig box to enrich your hedgie's environment and encourage "natural" foraging behavior and exercise.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies

You will need:

An appropriate sized container (Tupperware), I chose a clear one so I can watch the hedgie play

A marker

An exacto knife (or other cutting implement). As always use caution!

Fleece (about 1.5 yards for the container in this instructable)

Mealworms (or your hedgie's favorite bug that won't be able to escape the container)


~ 10 minutes of your life

A Hedgie, because there wouldn't be much point otherwise...
I have a hedgie and she loves to dig so maybe she would like it!
vinzxon1 year ago
what do you use for the cage???
Kiteman3 years ago
I guess you could use dried leaves or straw as well?
stacyah (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
I'm sure you could, I would be cautious though because our pet hedgehogs have protruding eyes that are prone to damage. This is one of the reasons I like the fleece strips.
Kiteman stacyah3 years ago
Protruding eyes? Is that an unintentional trait, or something desired by breeders?
stacyah (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
I assume it is an unintentional trait, the most common pet hedgehog in the US is the pygmy African hedgehog which first established as a cross between the four-toed hedgehog and the Algerian hedgehog. Eye trauma and consequent eye removal (enucleation) is a common problem in african pygmy hedgehogs.

Here is a pic of the common pet hedgehog (african pygmy hedgehog) vs. a wild european hedgehog for eye comparison :) (both from google images)
do you know i got a rescue his eye is swollen shut it could be he used to live in a bucket the last owner got him as a rescue didn't want him the breeding farmer didn't want him so he did move around allot and now i am trying to help him he is terrified of everything so i cant look closely though i was wondering if you knew

This is a very good forum I go on they're so helpful with every question you can think of :) Hope your little guy is ok
he is fine i made itbut the ppor guy was too big for the tunnel he got stuck and we spent a hour trying to get him out he has to work off those extra pouds i use headghog central extencivilly
Oh no poor little guy! I'm on hedgehog central too I also use the pygmy hogs uk forum :)
thanks i am happy he loves to play with tunnels but he i just so big my local pet store had no idea about headghogs so it was a matter of luck i found one his size
Kiteman stacyah3 years ago
Goodness me - that is quite a difference.

Best to forget my straw suggestion, then.
Agentfern3 years ago
Do you let your hedgie loose in your house?
stacyah (author)  Agentfern3 years ago
Nope, he has a large enclosure and he has supervised playtime daily when he gets to run around in his room and interact with us.
TSC3 years ago
your hedgehog looks like it's smilling
stacyah (author)  TSC3 years ago
He is generally a pretty happy little guy! He was a rescue, his former owner couldn't care for him anymore so he came to live with us :)
TSC3 years ago
Were did you get a hedgehog.