Simple Helping Hands





Introduction: Simple Helping Hands

Helping hands are designed to hold wires and components in place while you solder them, you can buy good helping hands from the shops quite cheaply but when I made these I was in the middle of a project and didn't want to stop to go to the shops, making things yourself is fun anyway !

The basic principle is two crocodile clips held up in the air.

1- Cut a square of wood
2- Drill two holes
3- Screw two large screws through the holes
4- Glue screws in place
5- Duc-tape underneath to stop scratching
6- Solder 2 crocodile clips to the tops of the screws
7- Put electrical tape around the sides because it looks cool :)

Thats it !
They took me about 5 minutes to make and were really useful when i was soldering.

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    Counter sink where the screws are and that should stop from

    making marks on your table. Doodado

    instead of wires to hang the clips in the air, i used aluminium foil and rolled it up and then twisted it to make it strong and used that! much more cheaper and easier to find in the house!

    If the board is thick enough, you could always countersink so the head of the screws are below the surface of the wood - no scratching that way.

    Yea i did countersink but i put the tape there just to be sure, i was going to say i countersunk the screw heads but i forgot the word hehe.

     They make a sticky back felt that you could put on the bottom to finish it off. just a thought

    Nice project. Could prove to be very useful. What's the instructables chat room/ where is it?

    no but its annoying when people clog the forums with random stuff

    cmon you have 11 isnt that enough