Picture of Simple Hidden Kitty Restroom
I wanted to hide and contain my cats' litterbox, help remove litter from their feet, and hide the kitty litter paraphernalia.

This wasn't free to build, but depending on what you find, you may be able to make it for close to free.  I spent about $100, total.

This instructible is more of a "duh, why didn't I think of that?" kind of thing, rather than something really creative.  But my kids were impressed, so I decided to share.
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Step 1: Supply List

Picture of Supply List
nubby rubber mat.jpg
"Suncast 50 Gallon Deck Box with Seat" from Wal-Mart online
Box cutter
Small battery operated, motion activated light
Rubber door mat with "nubs"

Step 2: Put things in and check fit

Picture of Put things in and check fit
Before you cut a door in your deck box, put in the litter box and anything else you plan to store inside (I store a litter scoop, litter collection bucket, and a package of 4 gallon, vanilla-scented trash bags <found at Wal-Mart>.

I decided to cut my door near the back of the box's right side.  The litter box (I have one of those large ones) sits all the way to the left inside the box.

Step 3: Cut a cat door

Picture of Cut a cat door
door location from inside.jpg
If it doesn't have one already, put a fresh blade in your box cutter.

the deck box I purchased has vertical stripes of two different textures, so I used two of them to assist in my vertical cuts.  Start by just scoring your desired cut, then go back over your scored line with more pressure.  Two or three passes should have you pretty well through the plastic of the box.  The only difficulty will be where there is a thicker stability bar molded in - just take your time and you'll be through those thick parts in just a few more passes.

After making my two vertical cuts, I again used the box's decorative textures to decide where to cut.  In the case of my box, the hole came out to be 5" wide by 8" tall.  I wasn't sure that would be enough for my plump cat, but she walked in just fine, as did my tall cat.
mr_marte8 months ago

Nicely done! Thanks for sharing.

Great idea :)