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A simple home automation project allows you to control home appliance from anywhere. Blynk provides very good and attractive interface.

In this project we are going to build simple home automation system in which we can control three relay from blynk app, also we can monitor temperature, humidity and motion over blynk app.

In this toturial I will show you how we can build this system.

Lets start...

Step 1: Components:

Picture of Components:

1. Nodemcu 12E esp8266

2. PIR sensor

3. DHT11 sensor

4. Breadboard

5. Connecting Wires

6. Dot matrix pcb

7. Relay x3

8. 1n4007 diode x3

9. Blynk App

10. Male headers

Step 2: Uploading Sketch:

Extract the paste all libraries inside library folder of your arduino and tool to you arduino ide tools folder.


Oper arduino ide

>Goto Sketch

>Click on Include Library

>Click on manage library

>In search bar type Blynk

>Click on it

>Click on Install


>Click on tools > Boards >NodeMCU 1.0(esp8266-12E)

>Select correct com port

>Edit your token authentication key (they will send key to your registered email id when new proect is created on blynk)

>Edit ssid & password

>Upload code BlynkH

Step 3: Circuit:

Picture of Circuit:

Step 4: Full Toturial Video:

All the Blynk App configuration is shown in video.

Create new project in Blynk app, Authentication key is send to your email then paste it to the code given in above step.

Hope you will like this toturial.



ErickFloorZ (author)2018-01-12

why my led on D6-D8 not responding on blynk app? my wiring is im sure correct..any suggest?

Montanelas123 (author)2017-11-09

noice m8

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