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Introduction: Simple Home Repairs

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It wouldn't be a self-imposed home improvement month without doing a few basic improvements. By basic home improvements, I'm talking about the kind of repairs that are so simple, you can only but ask yourself, why had I never bothered to do this before? It's amazing how a handful of little things like the three outlined can drastically improve the general quality of life.

Step 1: Change Light Bulbs

There is probably some sort of bad joke that could be made here about changing light bulbs, but I will spare us all the indignity.

It's good to change light bulbs and not spend your days living in darkness.

Two key things to know about changing light bulbs.

1) Check the dead lightbulb to see what the wattage and style is.
2) Always toggle off the power switch when unscrewing or screwing in a light bulb.

I think you can figure out the rest.

Step 2: Outlet Plates

As long as I lived in my apartment, one of the outlets was missing a cover. We all generally just ignored it as it wasn't really essential to fix this.

Although, for less than $0.75 and in less than 2 minutes, an outlet cover can be added.

Simply unscrew whatever center screw is already there (if there is one) and screw on the new outlet cover.

Be glad you finally did this after one year.

Step 3: Drain Cover

How many spoon handles need to fall into the garbage disposal before you add a protective covering? The answer is roughly 3.

Simply buy one and place it over the cover and never pull spoon parts out of the garbage disposal again.



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    You should add how to change a broken light-bulb.

    4 replies

    and make sure you don't do it like it was done on Home Improvements LOL

    Use a cut potato to unscrew a broken bulb... no, you can't eat it afterwords...:-p

    Yeah, that is what he did on the show Home Improvements (comedy tv show), but he forgot to UNPLUG the lamp did the fire fly :-)


    One step to figure out what kind of bulb emits broken light and one step to cover what to change it into.

    This pedantry brought to you in association with XKCD

    It is not safe to have outlets that are painted over. You should replace the outlet in step 2 and add a step on how you did it.

    2 replies

    What about having layers of grease and fat on it? The jackpot store down the street has that.

    Why is it dangerous to have an outlet that's been painted over?

    What about Things to keep you smart? Like practicing Calculus. Or using proper grammar even online?