So I just finished a batch of home brew, and needed a way to store it so I could give it away to friends and family.  I didn't want to spend too much time making it since I would have to be cranking out a good number of them.

I simplest solution would be to use what I already had lying around.

I made this at Techshop.

Step 1: Cut list for the wood

I developed a cut list based off of the tallest bottles I was using for storing the beer. In my case, this was Budweiser bottles.  You can measure your bottles and base your measurements off of that.  I used some scrap 1/2" plywood.

Cut List
Side A: 9"x 11" Quantity = 2
Side B: 5.5" x 10.5"  Quantity = 1
Side C: 5.5" x 11" Quantity = 1
Top: 6" x 8.5" Quantity = 1
Bottom: 5.5" x 8" Quantity = 1

I cut a 4' x 11" piece out of my scrap on the table saw, then used a miter saw from there to cut everything down to size.

Using the table saw again, I cut a dado into both "Side A" pieces 1/4" wide, 1/4" deep. 1/4" from the top (along the short side).
I also cut a rabbet into the "Top" piece 1/4" wide and 1/4" deep along both long sides.
This is so I can easily slide the top on and off. 

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