Simple Homemade Bar Clamps





Introduction: Simple Homemade Bar Clamps

Long time i have planned to make some big bar clamps.

I like to re-use stuff, so it took a while until i found good materials.

Idea is very simple, i actually made two version from this same idea, this is the simplified version.

Step 1: Making...

To make one, material i used:

2 steel pipes, left overs from old trampoline safety net.

25mm thick nylon, found from the recycling center. Piece is from the old paper machine part called "doctor".

M12 threaded rod 200mm long, 4 pieces M12 nuts ( 3 for clamping )

1 pcs M12 x 20mm hex screws

4 pcs M8 x 50mm screws and 4 washers

1 M6 x 100mm screw and nut. (from that safety net)

Tools used:

Evolution rage3 miter saw

Drill press

Tap threading tools for m8 and m12 threads.

25mm forstner drill and 26mm saw drill (didn't find 26mm forstner bit)

6.8mm drill for m8 threads 10mm drill for m12 threads, 6 and 8mm drill.

Video shows the process:



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i have about 150 lbs of scrap uhmw and delrin...making some custom job specific clamp as you describe will be a great way to use some of it up...thanks!!!