Picture of Kool-Aid Lipstick!
Summer is a fantastic time to show off what you had to hide all winter but if you’re like me you may need a little help finding it again. Here are some amazing little known tricks to have you back on top of your summer fun games!

Step 1: Your Needs

Picture of Your Needs
Here are the items you will need for the following beauty tips/tricks:
For the lips:
• One packet of red colored Kool-Aid
• Small container for mixing (I used a clean baby food glass jar)
• Small applicator or q-tip
• A teaspoon of water (We will only use half a teaspoon though)
Kerushii3 years ago
i can stop licking my lips!
Mauigerbil3 years ago
So cool! This is a will-do!
I love this!!! So much better then the stains I already own, now for the big question how long does it last???

Photo on 2011-07-01 at 23.24.jpg
happyjo4 years ago
i tried this! My lips are very...red.
How long does this color stay on?
Here is me!
Photo 1288.jpg