Introduction: Simple House

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Step 1:

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Make a simple 8x6 house using a block of youre choice

Step 2:

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Add some sort of door

Step 3:

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Add a roofing

Step 4:

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Add some panes

Step 5:

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Dig down one

Step 6:

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Add a floor

Step 7:

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Make a table

Step 8:

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(Optional) add a flower pot

Step 9:

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Add a couple paintings

Step 10:

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Make some spacw for living quarters

Step 11:

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Make your roof and add some glowstone

Step 12: Done

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darkassassin65 (author)2015-06-22

it's cool for a beginner, but since no one liked it try making an instructable for an advanced version( that is to be no offence to your instructable )

123 instructable (author)2015-04-07

Does anyone like

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