Picture of Simple Hydroponic System
Grow your own fresh food in less than a month and for under $10 with this system. It is quiet and takes little maintenance. Much cheaper than store bought alternatives too. This system works well for plants that are fast to germinate such as leafy greens and herbs.
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Step 1: Parts

Storage Bin - about $10 for one

Grow Light - about $10

2" Garden Cups - $0.30 each (sourced locally)

Rock Wool - 8$ per 24 (sourced locally)

Water Pump - about 15-20$ (all about preference)

Vinyl Tubing - $4 (0.50$ per foot)
Home Depot/Lowes

Zip Ties - cheap
Home Depot/Lowes/Ace/Online/Anywhere

Plant Nutirents - 14$

Step 2: Construction

Picture of Construction
Cut holes that are approx. 5" apart from each other. A Dremel tool works well for this or a sharp box cutter or a hole bit and drill. The size of the holes depend on the size of your pot you will be using for each of the seeders. A space should be let on one side of the top to keep the pump to be away from the roots.

Using 1/2" inner diameter tubing, about 8' was planned to wrap around the holes and then secured in place with zip ties. A small drill bit was used to make the holes for the zip ties. On the side of the tube facing the hole for the pot, a small hole was drilled so water would shoot at the bottom of the pot.

A slight rim of hot glue was built upon the edge of the container to eliminate any leakage.

The tubing was fitted into the output of the water pump sealed with hot glue**. The end of the tube was also plugged with hot glue.

Disclaimer.. Hot glue is an amazing invention and can be used to fix anything as it is extremely stong. Some sources say it was used to build the Eiffel Tower.

The lighting system was not fully designed. It is largely a matter of preference and available tools. The lights should be adjustable.