Picture of Simple, Inexpensive Rain Barrel Build
Using municipal water to keep your garden and or landscaping properly hydrated is at best inefficient.  The weather is unpredictable; so many people have turned to modern conveniences as an easy and readily available solution.  The amount of energy, resources, and chemicals used in the process of supplying tap water may be acceptable for the purpose of human consumption; however, for watering plants, it’s overkill and downright wasteful.  If your conscience doesn’t motivate you to seek a more natural alternative, perhaps your wallet will.  Potable water scarcity and rising prices are a reality and trending in a bad direction.  For all these reasons, we’ve decided to take a gentle step towards living “off the grid”.

Rain barrels are becoming more readily available at hardware and garden/farm supply stores.  It will return your investment over time by lowered utility bills.  We looked at this as an option, but decided instead to make our own and here’s why: store bought goods consume resources in their manufacture and to transport them to your local retail store.  Why not repurpose local, previously manufactured materials to achieve the same goal?  You’ll reduce irrigation, resource consumption, and transportation waste, as well as save perfectly good products from a landfill.  As an additional benefit, this method is more cost effective than a store bought rain barrel.  We’ll detail how you can make your own rain barrels and hopefully get as much satisfaction from them as we have.

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