Step 3: Prepare Card Slits and Coin Pocket

Lay out the material like in picture 1. We will be working right to left.

First square the right end. Rule a line and cut (picture 2). Scissors are the way to go! (Inner tube has too much friction to cut nicely with a knife).

Now lay out the coin pocket. Place the coin on the end, and mark a line 5 mm (3/16") further in from the end. Two lines for the card slits are drawn 5 mm (3/16") and 15 mm (9/16") from the coin pocket line. These do not go all the way across! Make them just wider than a credit card or whatever card they will hold (picture 3).

The coin pocket line should also be marked lightly on the other side (outside) of the inner tube (picture 4).

Now cut the card slits. Use the craft knife to start, then continue with scissors. Or fold, and cut with scissors to start. Try for fit, the card should slide through easily. If it's too tight carefully make a little wider (picture 5).
I love the instructions for your wallet!! I made a couple of them because I thought that yours was so neat. Your directions were easy to follow. I made a couple of changes in the wallets that I made. I cut a separate piece of tube and placed it between the middle, between the card holders and the back of the wallet. I sew mine as well. I sewed the front part to the inner layer and then the sides and bottom together. What a clever wallet you made!! Thanks for taking the time to share your instructions with us.
It looks great! How has it held up over the past couple years?
Thanks DIY Dave. I'm still using the very wallet shown in this Instructable. Two of the staples have come out and some have gone a little rusty, but it's in perfect working order. Because of the bulky when full coin pocket and little protection, some of my cards have gotten a bit warped. Especially when I left it lying in the sun. Functionally it's great though.
Cool. That turned out surprisingly easy and good quality.

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