Introduction: Simple Inverter. 12v DC to 220v AC.

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Electricity is important for us. But sometimes we need electricity in emergency, like power outages, emergencies, camping, etc. With this inverter, we can use Car / motorcycle battery. This can increase the electricity from 12V DC to 220V AC, and this can turn on Light bulb, Phone Charger, and small consumption device.


Step 1: You Need This

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  • 2 Pcs TIP31 Transistor
  • 2 Pcs 15ohm Resistor
  • Transformer with Center tap, 1-15 Ampere (I use 1 amp, but it's have a small voltage output. I recommend you to use 5-15 amp transformer)
  • And Breadboard

Step 2: The Schematic

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Simple, Anyone can build this inverter.

You can build this inverter less than 30 minutes.

Step 3: Test!!!

Step 4: Thanks for Look My Works!

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I hope you can make better than me, HAPPY MAKING!!


MatthewT157 (author)2016-11-16

This circuit runs at 11Hz, and power delivery is terrible, not even a sqaure wave.

Frequency can be found as f = R/1.45

buteman (author)2016-06-27

Yes, and thinking about safety, it could kill your just laid out as it is. Especially if you go for a higher power transformer. One high voltage lead in each hand and you would be jumping about!

balsuryana (author)buteman2016-06-27

i suggest you to make the case for more safety. Thanks for look my works

willemvl (author)2016-06-27

This circuit is basically a free-running oscillator and I doubt its frequency is anywhere near 50 - 60 Hz. I would be leery of connecting it to anything requiring a 50 - 60 Hz power source.

balsuryana (author)willemvl2016-06-27

thanks for look my works.

buteman (author)2016-06-27

What is the wattage rating of the resistors please?

balsuryana (author)buteman2016-06-27

1,5 watt

balsuryana (author)balsuryana2016-06-27

or bigger

balsuryana (author)2016-06-26

Please share this instructables! Thankss!

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