I have built this project to burn my small PIC's
This is a serial programmer works on the RS232 ( PC serial port ), known as JDM Programmer, thanks to the site http://pic16f84.hit.bg/ which contains the schematic and the programmer software.

The programmer is powered from the Serial port itself, so there's no need to any external power supply.
But be careful this circuit will not work with the Laptop Serial port due to the weak voltages it has.

- I have used a very nice programmer software called "Win PIC Programmer" you can download it from
http://freenet-homepage.de/dl4yhf/winpicpr.html, it's very stable and powerful.

The project has been tested with the following IC's :


Step 1: The Schematic

The Schematic for this project is shown below, no critical components .
Can I drill the holes now?<br>Or do I need to do something else?
<p>did you etch the copper on the board?</p>
<p>Yes, this picture was before I scraped the toner off of the board using steel wool. Underneath is the copper etch.</p>
<p>even though my pc serial port gives 12V, my pc isnt detecting this programmer</p>
i don''t have serial port on my pc,so can i use serial to usb adapter,will it works? <br>reply me plzzz i need to program pic16f628A.thanx in advance
<p>No, it won't work with a usb-serial converter.</p>
Hi, did anyone ever your question about converting to USB? I have the same issue. <br> <br>Ciao!
I have the same question :)
Hi, <br> I want to program PIC12F629 with readymade .hex code. Which programmer should I use? I would like to know the best and cheapest programmer available. I bought PICKIT2 clone from India but I had very bad experience with it. I couldn't program with it. <br> Can you please suggest me good programmer? <br>Regards, <br>Chetan
<p>PICKIT2 is the best programmer. I tried an Chineese clone with a pic12f629 and it works fine.</p>
Very Good Article. I need to program a 28 pin dip (PIC18F2220). Will this do the job? What mods are needed other than the bigger socket? What software do you recommend? Many Thanks. This is for a GPS Disciplined Oscillator. 73, Larry
<p>nope. Using this programmer with that PIC won't work and it might even kill it!</p>
Anyone know if a PIC16c54 chip would work? Not sure of the differences between a 16C54 and a 16f84?
<p>16Cxx are HISTORY. It's almost USELESS since you could only program it ONCE.</p><p>16Fxx are flash-based so you could program it multiple times. And 16F84 is more powerful.</p>
<div>It worked very well for PIC16F84A with WinPIC programmer</div>
<p>you tried it with some kind of adapter or directly to the serial port</p>
<p>Some USB serial converters are for the RS232 protocol , thus they are have the txd and RxD functions ( pin 2 and 3) , look for a converssor that can perform communication with flow control hardware.</p>
<p>Converters won't work, since the programmer needs 12v from the PC and converters could only supply 5v</p>
<p>this work for pic 16c625?</p>
no. by the way, 16c625 is an OTP mcu so you can only use it once. Get a pic 16f84.
<p>i made it and tested it on pic16f84a and it works fine, thanks elab</p>
Programmer still is not working I tried using a null modem cable and still have no luck please help thanks...
<p>you tested directly connected to the com port on your PC without any type of adapter usb</p>
<p>You bought the wrong type of connector from Amazon - you have to remove it. The female and male versions don't have the same pinout because one is the mirrored version of the other. so you;ve connected pin1 to pin5, pin5 to pin1 etc. etc.</p><p>Alternatively to using the null-modem cable you can solder not a connector but coloured wires to the programmer board and then solder a female connector (making sure pin numbers match correctly) on the other end of those wires. Then you would plug the female connector directly into the COM port of your PC. Don't make the wires too long though. This works - I tested it.</p>
<p>sir iam programmed comparator program in 16f628a micro controller.after some time the processor getting out of from that.how to avoid sir</p>
The programmar is not working I followed the schematic exactly but the Program doesn't detect the pic
<p>Looks from your photo like you are using a female DB9 Sub connector. The picture above posted by the author shows that he used a male version of the connector (which should be used with a null-modem cable).</p>
Can I just you a m/f null connector? Instead of replacing my female sub connector?
<p>This is the one that I used: http://www.amazon.com/SUNKEE-Serial-Connector-RS-232-Adapter/dp/B00AYCTZFU. So are you saying I need to switch it with a Male sub connector and then use a null-modem cable to connect it?</p>
The programmar is not working I followed the schematic exactly but the Program doesn't detect the pic
I finally made it. Still have to test it out though
<p>Used a slightly different circuit but it works! p.s zener diode is under the board</p>
<p>Could you show the underneath? (soldered part)</p>
<p>Hi, I don't have this circuit board anymore but</p><p>I believe I followed this diagram:</p><p>by </p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-the-worlds-smallest-and-cheapest-PIC-/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-the-wo...</a></p>
<p>What size PCB is used?</p>
<p>What size board did you use?</p>
Hello!will this work with a USB to RS232 converter?i have read that the programming process becomes slow and in few cases it wont work altogether.
Hello!will this work equally well with a USB to RS232 converter,i have read that programming gets slower in some cases.
<p>thanks for sharing..</p>
<p>Can the circuit work equally well,if i use 1N4007 diode instead of 1N4148??</p>
<p>i have a problem , my Serial port outpot is just 9 volt , what is the solution? </p><p>thank you for your time :)</p>
could you share with us the parts layout, component side, for the new design ? thanks !
I made it and it just works... AWESOME! really fast programming with PICPGM. Thanks a lot! Now i only need a software to write the code in basic and compile it to hex. Does anybody knows that kind of software? THANKS!
<p>micro bacic</p>
I've asked that question in the Q&amp;A and here's the answer: <br> <br>https://www.instructables.com/answers/PIC-programming-How-can-I-learn-to-write-my-own-/
hello... can any one give me te references of the computer compatible with thes circuit... i am trying using a intel core 2 due but it is not detecting the circuit im the paralel port...<br>please help me... i am trying for a long time now...<br>
Hi.<br>It is compatible with any computer that has a serial-port (rs232). Do not use the paralell port (centronics).<br>Hope this helps :)

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