Picture of Simple Jig Saw Hack
This is a very simple simple solution to a problem I had with saw dust collecting in front of my jig saw while I was trying to follow a line. You can do this on a job site very easily. All you do is direct the air from the motor towards the blade. 


ive got a metabo jigsaw that blows air from a duct directly above the sawblade

crazypj1 year ago
That's so simple and effective I'm surprised manufacturer's don't do it
Great job, I frequently 'loose the line'
darrenhall2 years ago
That is a fantastic hack - cutting a line and having sawdust keep getting in the way is a pain - - hack logged in memory bank.

Big respect.

lean042 years ago
how didn´t i think of that!!
awesome idea
doo da do2 years ago
Just in time, got a small project this will come handy. I like thinking out side the box.
hatterg2 years ago
Actually, many new jigsaws already come with a "dust blower" system, some even have an adapter for a vacuum hose. Either way, nice and simple workaround if you have a jigsaw without blower.
manishrkp2 years ago
Can you upload video? thanks
gwyche2 years ago
Nice! often the simplest things are the best.
maybe next jigsaw product will be designed like this.. :-)
HandyLandy (author)  klempisireng2 years ago
Hope I get royalties
13blue2 years ago
Ooo. That's good.
Ooo. That's good.
rimar20002 years ago
Genial! I will do this on my old, old, old B&D jigsaw.
Attmos2 years ago
Thats actually a simple genious move. Nice, I'l have to try that.