Simple Joule Thief




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Introduction: Simple Joule Thief

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

Follow this simple circuit diagram to connect your components

Step 2: Getting Started

1.Connect the base of BC557 to Emitter of BC 547 using the 33K resistor
2. The collector of the BC 557 should be connected using a cable to the base of BC 547.
3. 1K resistor connects from positive terminal of battery to the transistor BC 557
4. The base of BC557 also connects to BC547 collector suing the ceramic capacitor.

Step 3: Add More LEDs

Add more LEDs to see how far the energy can reach, I added a motor which works fine with no trouble at all....



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    this is cool..

    can you send me the instructions in PDF so I can have a go.(

    To be honest, i am not so smart with electricity/electronics but would like to learn new things and ideas..

    Cheers mate..