Simple K'NEX Gun




Introduction: Simple K'NEX Gun

Very Simple K'NEX Gun. Something fun to shoot with. Caution: not responsible for any injuries or damages caused by building or shooting of this gun.

Step 1: Assembly

Self Explanatory.

Step 2: Assembly Cont.

Use a knife/scissors or pull a rubber band apart till it breaks. Don't poke your eye out!

Step 3: Assembly Cont.

Take one end of the broken rubber band, and stick it in between the rod and the two connectors. You'll probably have to take a rod or two off to get the rubber band in place. Don't forget to put the "firing mechanism" on the rubber band too.

Step 4: Finished!

Pull the "firing mechanism" back. Put the holder down. Load ammo and fire. Have fun!



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    You can, but then how would you shoot if the rubber band is blocking the hole where the rod is suppose to be?

    Why did you cut the rubber band? You can just wrap it around one of the yellow connetors.