Picture of Simple K'nex Ballistics Knife
This does not look very good or shoot very far (if u add more rubber bands it will probably shoot farther but I only tried it with two) but it functions very well and is sturdy
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Step 1: Assembling the Handle

Picture of Assembling the Handle
13, 9:36 PM.jpg
13, 9:36 PM.jpg
Put the red connectors and blue spacers on as shown

Step 2: Installing the Trigger

Picture of Installing the Trigger
13, 9:36 PM.jpg
If you are righty put it on as shown in picture one, if you are lefty put it on as seen in picture two.

Step 3: Finishing the Handle and Firing Pin

Picture of Finishing the Handle and Firing Pin
13, 9:36 PM.jpg
13, 9:36 PM.jpg
13, 9:36 PM.jpg
13, 9:36 PM.jpg
13, 9:36 PM.jpg
Just follow the pictures

Step 4: Making the Blade and Banding

The knife blade looks kind of bad, but feel free to make your own (I made this whole thing in about five minutes)

Step 5: Firing

Picture of Firing
Push the gray connector with the green rod ***Disclaimer! Be careful when firing, keep your fingers away from the firing pin where it hits the knife part (I gave myself a blood blister)***
looks cool. not great range though. I suggest on the blade using a red bar and a green bar connecting the point and base of the blade. 3.5*
Good, just try to let it look a bit more stronger.
I'm sorry, what do you mean by "look a bit more stronger"?
For example, the 2 blue spacers between every red connector could be changed to red connectors too. Just an idea :)