Simple K'nex Machine Gun

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Introduction: Simple K'nex Machine Gun

This is a step-by-step, easy-to-follow, guide to building the simplest K'nex machine gun on the internet.

Step 1: Subassembly I

you can use the single tab end pieces instead of the doubble tabs

Step 2: Subassembly II

It looks complicated, but you really only need to connect all of the subassembly I's together.

Step 3: Subassembly III

the grey spacers can be replaced with three blue spacers depending on how many pieces you have. you can replace the K'nex Ferris Wheel motor for another one, but you may have to add more than one depending on how powerfull it is. If you do this, you will modify the design slightly.

Step 4: Subassembly VI

This is the stand for the Main gun

Step 5: Final

It should be pretty simple to connect the two previous steps.

E-mail me at hillbillyredneck@comcast when you have completed the gun. Pleez make suggestions.



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    i have the ferris wheel motor,love that set.

    8 shot rly i made a 16 shot on my own with no pics!!!!!!!!

    Yes, gatling was the first, but a the first gatling guns were WAY to big to use with a trigger, and a handle, it used to be a cannon/chaingun weapon-_-

    Okay... people that say this and other machine guns are Gatling guns... check the facts. A Gatling gun is a machine gun, and is hand operated, infact it was the first rapidfire weaponry. So, either way, this isn't and NEVER will be... a Gatling gun. Gatling guns have to be hand operated with a crank. Motor powered Gatling guns are actually called Miniguns, which yes, are real, motorized, army weaponry.

    you are wrong a gatlinggun isnt the first rapidfire weaponary the first was an auto-loading ballista the romans designed, and used

    It's not really rapid fire. Rapid fire, in my definition, is something that can shoot at least 10 shots /second

    im tried to amke a gattling gun but i wanna attach a crank so that you can pull it back, how is it possible, i am making snowflake with green rod gears but it doesn't seem to work...

    a gatling gun? you are trying to make it spin? more detail plox :D

    So a gun in which you spin the crank and it rotates gears which pull back a ram and lets go when it is too far back and then it snaps back forward shooting the bullet, and then again and again and again