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Introduction: Simple Knex Miniminigun

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Small and accurate at a close range. It shoots about 10-15 feet depending on how stiff the rubber band is. The handle is behind.

Step 1: Peices You Will Need

Peices you will need

Step 2: Trigger

Trigger (make)

Step 3: Well Just Make It

Make this

Step 4: Handle

Ya, small

Step 5: Main Body


Step 6: Side

Needs it just make it

Step 7: Putting Them Together!

Might take some time

Step 8: Front

Do you think this is lame?

Step 9: Adding Elastics

Don't hurt yourself

Step 10: Thanks!




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    No, the rubberbands are just there for show.

    some models can be handheld, but yes, most need a tripod

    A minigun is always mounted. A handheld would be a gattling gun.

    A gattling gun refers to 20mm guns (way too heavy to be handheld, the A10 is also equipped with this gun).

    A minigun is called a minigun because it fires in a similar fashion but it is smaller then gattlings and fires smaller 7.62 mm rounds. They are used on vechiles or in gunships like the spectre (aka spooky) or bell huey.

    According to wikipedia, only the microgun, (even smaller then the minigun, firing NATO 5.56 x 45 mm rounds) (link: ) can be man carried, but you need a bipod to put it on and two man to carry it (one man for the ammo and the bipod, one man for the gun itself and the power source)

    Overall, handheld miniguns are possible, but unpractical compared to, say, a SAW.

    Not to be mean or anything, but a minigun is a very large handheld machine gun. This is a minigun: herehere

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    Well lets just say mini mini

    Lets just say never post anything of this nature again.

    Not to be mean or anything, but miniguns can not be held. They are too heavy.

    Hey check out my Knex Wall-E

    I'd vote it 5 if it didn't suck haha nah its good, however, there are too many k'nex guns, like way too many. and they are all the same, but with different pieces for a different look. They are all easy to make and if i bought k'nex again i could make 100's of them chances are though, i'd get really bored after 2 if that. not to mention i don't want to spend money on a plastic bucket full of plastic pieces so that i can make an amazing star wars gun to complete my star wars fantasy

    more like MICROGUN or NANOGUN or CRAP

    why did you post this? we already have many guns like this.