Introduction: Simple K'nex Shock

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Welcome to my instructable on how to make a simple K'nex shock.

I built this shock for the suspension in a large k'nex car.

This K'nex shock is a piston which is armed with rubber bands. The shock is useful for use as suspension or landing gear.

Step 1: Parts List

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These are the parts required to build the k'nex shock:

4 - orange rods

1 - yellow rod

3 - grey clips

2 - white connectors

1 or more rubber bands

Step 2: The Shaft

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This is the piston shaft.

Just clip the 3 grey clips onto the yellow rod.

Step 3: The Housing

Picture of The Housing

This is the housing for the piston.

Clip the ends of the 4 orange rods evenly around a white connector.

Step 4: Assembly

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Slide the shaft on the housing and clip a white connector to the other end of the orange rods.

Step 5: Arming the Shock

Picture of Arming the Shock

To arm the shock, slip a rubber band through the grey connector on the end of the yellow rod. Then loop the ends of a rubber band around the ends of the orange rods.

Adding more rubber bands will increase the force of the shock. Feel free to add as many rubber bands as your application requires.

Step 6: Done!

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Congratulations on completing the simple k'nex shock!

Thanks for viewing my instructable! I hope you enjoyed it and find it useful in your own creations. Be sure to check out my other instructables!

If you post an instructable which uses something from one of my instructables, let me know, I'll post a link to your ible in my applicable ible.


LittleBilly (author)2016-09-15


LittleBilly (author)2016-09-13

I used it in a robot I am working on

birdycrazy (author)LittleBilly2016-09-13

Cool! :D

If you post an i'ble of your robot I will put it's link in my i'ble!

www139 (author)2016-09-11

Whoa, that's awesome! :)

birdycrazy (author)www1392016-09-12

Thanks! :d

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