Introduction: Simple Knex Sidearm

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In this Instructable I will be showing you how to make a simple knex sidearm

Step 1: What You Need

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The parts you will need are

: seven yellow rods,two white circle connectors,three blue rods, one gray rod,three red rods,one red connectors, four yellow connectors, one orange connector, one purple blue connector, elastics

Step 2: Assembly Part 1

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First get your 2 white connectors. Once done put the red rods on the bottom, left and right.
Attach the left and right to the other connector but don't to the bottom rod

Step 3: Assembly Part 2

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Now you add two yellows to the left and right red rods on the side that the bottom isn't connected to the other white connector. This is the start of the handle. Once finished that attach a blue rod to it.

Step 4: Assembly Part 3

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Add 2 of the yellow rods to the yellow connectors. After that part add 2 yellow connectors to the 2 yellow rods. Now add one yellow rod and 2 blue rods to the bottom yellow connector.

Step 5: Assembly Part 4

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First put the orange connector right in front of the white one.The ram. Slide the gray rod into the middle of the white connectors. Once done add the red connector to the front end of the gray rod and the purple blue connector to the other.

Step 6: Assembly Last Step

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All you need to do now is put those last 4 yellow rods on put them on the 4 remaining spots on the front white connector but make sure not to put one on the top. After your done that all you need is to string the elastics more elastic mean more power but makes it harder to pull back the ram. To string put elastics on the purple blue connector and string on to the first white connector

Step 7: Ammo+ Firing

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The ammo for this gun one white rod and the little gray connector. Firing load ammo on top of the gun. Pull back ram the ammo will slide backbiting the gray connector will stop it from going any further. When ready to fire just let go of the ram.

Step 8: Bye

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Thanks for looking at my Instructable for a simple knex sidearm hope you enjoyed.


pwubax 18 (author)2013-09-23


JonnyBGood (author)2013-09-21

decent start! Much better than my first gun. Keep up the good work.

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-09-21


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