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This is my first of my knex gun accetories and my first instructables. It is a knex assault sight and is not meant for sniping. Fortunatly, there is less than 50 pieces. So I'll say that it is for beginers. It has two fastenars for rods or connectors.It is pretty simple to make.
Pic 1 the sight whit the connector fastenor.
Pic 2 the sight with the rod fastenor.
(Sorry for the spelling)

Step 1: The Parts

Yes, I did make the parts little.

White full moon: 15
Orange: 2
Grey one pronged: 5

White: 4
Red: 1
Green: 1

Y clips: 4

Step 2: The Base

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This is the base

1. What you will make
2. Make those two thingies
3. Make that
4.Put it together (please note the directions of the thingies)
5. Not on the picture but add the white rods to the end of the tow orange connectors.

Step 3: The Looking Piece

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The looking piece

1. What you will make
2. Make that
3. Add that
4. Put those Y clips on.
5. Connect the base to the looking piece(note the directions)

Step 4: Finish

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Yay! You're done!
If there is problems or you're stuck, please PM me.


Dashadower (author)2011-11-22

Was my instructables good?

morrisme (author)Dashadower2014-03-19

it was good, but the scope was of low quality. try some more elaborate designs.

KnexFreak360 (author)2011-12-19

Done too many times, not a scope, and get your spelling right they have spell check for a reason!

DJ Radio (author)2011-11-22

Although that is a good way to attach a scope to a gun, scopes are not worth their own instructable.

Dashadower (author)DJ Radio2011-11-25

Oh, but this is my first time posting so give me a chance

The Chunky Sniper! (author)2011-11-22

Why would you bother posting this?

Dashadower (author)2011-11-22

I will be posting another gun accetories soon.

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