Introduction: Simple Knit Coaster - for Beginners

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Need a coaster for your drink? Make one of these simple knit coasters, they're easy and fun to make!

Step 1: What You Need

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What you need to make a coaster. 1. Any kind of yarn. 2. Some knitting needles (It doesn't really matter what size you use, but I use US8 5. 0mm ones.) . 3. Scissors. 4. Patience ( this takes about 2 hours to make )

Step 2: Casting On

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Start by Casting on 20 stitches.

Step 3: Making a Knit Row

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Ok, now that you have 20 stitches on your needle, you need to make a knit row.

Step 4: Making the Knit Rows

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After you're done with your first knit row, you need to knit 34 more rows. Once your done you should have 35 knit rows.

Step 5: Binding Off

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Now you need to bind off all your stiches, stop when 1 stitch remains.

Step 6: Finishing Binding Off

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Slide the 2 loops off your needles. Put the loops through each other. Cut yarn from skein, leaving about a 4 1/2" end.

Step 7: Finishing the End

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Pull end through the stiches, and make a knot. Make 2 more knots, so there will be 3 knots.

Step 8: Finishing the Tail

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On the other side there is a tail. Knot the tail 3 times like the end.

Step 9: Cutting the Ends

Picture of Cutting the Ends

Cut the tail and the end very close to the knot.

Step 10: Use and Enjoy!

Picture of Use and Enjoy!

Now you're done with the coaster and you can use and enjoy it!


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-08-15

Nice coasters.

Thanks :)

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