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Brighten up your living room by making your own simple knit pillow!

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Materials you'll need:
- 1 skein Red Heart Super Saver in Pumpkin (worsted weight acrylic yarn)
- US size 8 knitted needles
- 16 x 16 inch Pillow form
- Yarn needle
- US size I crochet hook (optional)

Step 1:

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Cast on 60 stitches

Knit across all rows until your piece measures 23.5 inches from cast on edge.  Bind off and secure loose ends. 

My finished piece measured 23.5 inches long by 14 inches wide.

Step 2:

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Fold piece in half, with cast on side and bind off side touching.  It really shouldn't matter what side is the right or wrong side because garter stitch looks the same on the front and back, but if you have a side that looks better have it on the inside with the ugly side facing outward.

Step 3:

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Stitch up the right side, secure yarn, and then stitch up the left side and secure yarn.

You can either stitch up the sides with a yarn needle or use a crochet hook and slip stitch the sides together, I prefer using the crochet hook because it gives a clean seam look.  

Step 4:

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After sides are connected turn the cover right side out, and it should look like the photo, with the cast on and bind off edge open.

Step 5:

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Note: The knit cover will be a lot smaller than the pillow and thats okay because it stretches a lot. 

Grab your pillow form and stuff it into knitted cover, smoothing and filling out pillow corners. 

Step 6:

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Use the crochet hook again to slip stitch the bottom sides of pillow together.  This seam will be a little visible but thats okay because its at the bottom of the pillow and you cant really see it anyways.

Step 7:

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This is the finished bottom seam.

Step 8:

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Fluff up your pillow, karate chop the top center and place on your favorite chair!


seftonypony (author)2014-01-23

This is lovely! And simple enough I think I can manage- I learned how to knit on Tuesday lol. Now to find an Instructable to learn how to slip stitch. Thanks, this will be fun!

charlieanderin (author)2014-01-23

Love it I am sooo doing this

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