Simple LED Bike Lights





Introduction: Simple LED Bike Lights

This is an easy way to add light to your bike, so when your riding at night you don't get smoked by a car(If this actually saves your life, take the time to tell me =D). Also putting LED's in anything is fun, so why not?

Step 1: Materials

You'll need:

~Bike reflector
~LED, the brighter the better
~Battery pack with switch, or other smallish 3-3.6volt power supply
~Soldering stuff
~Drill with 3/16" bit. Use 3/16" for a 5mm LED

Step 2: Drill the Hole

Drill a hole in the reflector right where the clear and the black part of the reflector meet. Go slowly or else the plastic will crack.

Sorry the pictures are all blurry

Step 3: Insert the LED

Take your LED and gently push it into the whole. If you used a 3/16" bit and a 5mm LED you'll have to push a bit.

Step 4: Soldering

Now solder the anode and cathode to the wire, then solder the other ends of the wire to the positive and negative wires of the battery case/power supply. If it doesn't work make sure you got the longer wire from the LED to the positive wire of the battery case/power supply. Shrink tubing would be nice but Radio Shacks too expensive, so I used electrical tape which works just great.

Update 9/29/09:
I made this project a looonnngg time ago, so I didn't really think about adding a resistor. Now I would put a smallish value (51-100 ohms) resistor in series just to be safe, but you could probably skip one and be fine.

Step 5: Your Done!

Now stick the whole thing back on your bike, and go for a midnight ride! You can also add the back reflector by doing the same thing and connecting it in parallel with whatever power supply you used.



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    yeah i used 5 mm 6 led on ma reflector..its just awesome...

    awesome dude i made your setup for my wifes' bike and my bike too. i used a 3 led bulb flashlight purchased at my local dollar store $1 took the bulbs out of the flashlight (battery holder and switch) some soldering and wiring and ---we have bike lites for $1---actually $2 the 2d batteries good thinking---awesome idea

    pretty cool idea ;)

    GENIOUS man, Now I have a use for all those reflectors I have stuck in a box!!!

    Booyah, made a pair!!! Only cost 3 bucks (for Radioshack "project box" 3 AA's are soldered togheter inside. Plenty bright!


    Yours look a lot better that mine! I was gonna try and use lithium watch batteries or 1 watt LEDs

    Yeah the RS :project box and the shrink tubing sure make it alot better looking. Those lithium-ion batteries can get quite expensive, yeah, LED dont use much power, but it will pull the cash right out of your pocket when it comes time to change them out. Why didnt you enter this in the Light your Ride Contest?? Wouldve been great!!

    ya but with the lithium batteries you could do something like this to the reflectors on the wheels, that would be cool!

    DANGIT! didn't see that one :(

    Wait a minute....3 AA's?? Are all of them in series?