Picture of Simple LED Tester in a TicTac box
A very simple project, all you need is a transfer cable, 2 AAA batteries, short of wire to connect the batteries and lot of glue...........All details are in sketches.......

Step 1: Materials and prepation

Picture of Materials and prepation
If you own an old PC of the days of 90's you will find this trasnfer cable in the specific controllers of Serial or LPT ports......Never throw away something you will need it a decade after....hehehe
magic eye3 years ago
wow...greate idea and very simple!!! I like you always use handwriting notes for your instructables...its far away that the impersonal videos and images...love it
agis68 (author)  magic eye3 years ago
neat... but why not just carry around a 3v coin battery? I have a bundle of CR2032 's and they work perfectly for testing LEDs, assuming the LED is rated for lower than 4V.
agis68 (author)  DeLorean49057 years ago
You have right, but i had these batteries now, and the device with button batteries maybe has not the need weight....:))))....but is a good idea. Also you can add a 500Ohm resistor at the + edge of the cable to have better results even with low voltage LEDs....
You have right...., great english
DjProToJeeX7 years ago
thats what im talking about buddy. HEL.L.U.G. i like the build like the notebook pictures. im going to start this build in a little bit. only im going to use some stuff thats already made like a 2 AAA holder outta parts ive salvaged. but i need this for a led project im working on. i ordered a bunch of surface led's from china. and i wanted to test them before i make it and solder a bunch and find out one or 2 are bad. (ive had previous times of buying 1000leds where a handful were bad)

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agis68 (author)  DjProToJeeX7 years ago
And don't forget. U can use also 2 more cables from the rest in transfer cable to make them test transistors or other PCB parts. Of course you have to do some extra mods.
thanks thats a good idea
got the cable i needed out of an old amd k6 pc I had sitting in the other room ima post pics when i finish it today
Awesome! Your written images were very clear, nicely done.
agis68 (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Thanks ! Iwas boring to write in computer and i had bought some years ago a pen tablet made by ACECAD model A502, very useful tool in seminars. I found it dusty on a shelf and i use it.......