Picture of Simple LED Tester in a TicTac box
A very simple project, all you need is a transfer cable, 2 AAA batteries, short of wire to connect the batteries and lot of glue...........All details are in sketches.......
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Step 1: Materials and prepation

Picture of Materials and prepation
If you own an old PC of the days of 90's you will find this trasnfer cable in the specific controllers of Serial or LPT ports......Never throw away something you will need it a decade after....hehehe

Step 2: Transfer Cable

Picture of Transfer Cable
Ok, now sellect the red ribbon cable and the next one. Don't cut the rest of them because someday you will need them to expand my work and make it also a circuit or continuity tester...

You will need a lot of hot glue (if you own a glue gun) or just any glue.

Step 3: Finishing the job

Picture of Finishing the job
Always have in mind when you do mods and etc, the result must be perfect functional and beautifull. So some details with the cover and the perfect job is done.....

Step 4: Always remember our supporters

Picture of Always remember our supporters
HEL.L.U.G=Hellenic (Greek) Linux User Group