The song is:
Infected Mushroom
semi nice


Q: The sound sUxx0rz, fix it!
A: Can't, since there are barely any parts.

Q: How do I add volume control?
A: Either in series with the speaker (volume) or between pin 1 and pin 8 (gain)

Q: Why is there a 7805?
A: To conserve power, you can go without it if you feel like it.
Hey Kirbsome! I got a question. I'm some kind of new in that kind of projects ... So why do other users use Capacitors for their amps, what does that change?<br>Best Regards
Capacitors can do several things. In amps like this one, it's usually <ul> <li> To block DC from going through the speaker while passing signal, thereby conserving power. </ul> <ul> <li> To smooth out power going into the amp, thereby reducing a common humming noise. </ul> <ul> <li> Combined with a resistor to make a high <em>/</em> low pass filter, thereby making a tone control circuit. </ul> The reason I didn't use any capacitors for this amp is because I tried using as few parts as possible, but if you want better sound quality I highly recommend them.<br> Hope this helps!<br>
Hey Kirbsome!<br>Thank you very much - that helped alot, that was a great reply!<br>Have a nice day,<br>Lenwo
To anyone out there :)<br>Some of my music has heavy bass, but the amplifier cannot output it properly due to lack of power. Is there a way in which I can &quot;precharge&quot; the amplifier so that it won't lack power when a heavy bass comes?
Well, it might also be the speaker (small speaker = no bass) but you could always try adding a <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low-pass_filter">low-pass filter</a>
Actually when i use DC adapters capable of delivering 5 volts at higher amperes, the bass is good, that's why i'am sure that its not my speaker. Since i want to create a pocket amplifier, adapters should not be considered as power source, so i want to know if i can create something like precharging the amplifier so that it will be ready for a bass comes.<br><br>Thank you for a reply i'll try putting a low-pass filter. i'll just post here what ever will happen to my amplifier :))
As stated:<br>There's a lack of bass when there's a lack of power.<br>The only solution would probably be using some bigger batteries.<br>Maybe a DC-DC converter? I don't know.<br>But I do want to know how it works out for you :)
Could you please post schematics for this? Thanks!
I want to build this into something ( a music led box) i already made, but it has a 12 v power supply. Can i just add this to the same supply or do i need to do something else?
It should work just fine at 12v, you can use the 5v regulator if you want to.
<p>;) nice :D</p>
<p>This makes for a terrible amplifier, but it would be pretty good at keeping a very tiny cup of coffee warm</p>
<p>Hi, is there any alternative of LM386 that I can use?</p>
I also have a Muvo
Aren't they great?
hei guys this is didnt work for me, coz is a noise, i dont have regulator butt im using adapter 6v, can u explain me what is the problem ?
hei guys this is didnt work for me, coz is a noise, i dont have regulator butt im using adapter 6v, can u explain me what is the problem ?
Can you tell me a way to solder the mono jack, or what the little parts are for similar to what you did at the beginning of this video? Please and thank you.
I am building 12v car LED strip sync with music using TIP31 <br>Now i built it but those dont give enough Volts to lit the LED's bright, i read that one needs amp to increase the Voltage to TIP31 now constructing your circuitry help me do it ?
I'd like to help you, but I don't really understand you. What are you trying to do here?
hey what electronic device carries the lm 386 chip? what other chip could i use instead and where to get it out of.......
I'm not sure I fully understand you here.
hey where can i find a lm386 chip, in what device or can i use a substitute,b-c i have a tm555a could i use that? <br>
LM386-es can be found in a wide variety of devices, from phones to R/C cars. <br> <br>If you're unsure about your chip's specs, try to find a datasheet.
pls how do i add a volume controll knob <br>
Please read the other comments.
this is great bro keep it up, i love your innovation
Reading this made me happy :)
this is great bro keep it up, i love your innovation
hey Kirbsome....<br><br>i tried the circuit on a breadboard first and although i was getting the output it was tooo noisy... i mean... i pulled out the jack from my ipod earphones and connected them to my droid.. and used the wires to emulate the circuit on a breadboard.. but on a breadboard the output was too noisy... the song itself was not identifie\able over the jittery noise after sometime.
what do you mean by &quot;...used the wires to emulate the circuit...&quot;<br>I want to help you out here, but I don't really understand the question.
@kirbsome..<br><br>how do you deal with the noise, i constructed the same on a breadboard and found too much noise<br>
If you mean noise like interference from outside sources, I'd suggest putting it in a grounded Faraday cage.<br>If you mean distortion from the amp itself, that's just it's sound.<br>Remember:<br>There are barely any part in this thing, so the sound quality is bound to be crap.
I just made my second one of these :)
nice! (Y)
to Kirbsome.<br><br>i placed a high-pass filter to remove some of the very low frequency bass, now it sounds good. the next i'll try is removing the filter and applying a dc-dc conversion i think it will work but i'll just try to be sure. :) i'll just inform you what will happen next :)<br><br>btw. why did you suggested putting a low-pass filter? low-pass filter will remove high frequency audio right?
Low-pass filters do not &quot;remove&quot; high frequencies, but rather dampen them.<br>I recommended a low pass filter since you said there's not enough bass.<br>Or did I misunderstand something here?
ok i really want to make a amp but i can't find the amp chip in my broken sound system there is three chip that got same number as pins but it isn't a lm386 it is like a fm388 i think from top of my head im new to this stuff
So you're telling me you don't have a 386, good to know.<br>Tell me the exact part number and i might be able to help.
it is f4558
4558s are just dual op amps. They can amplify audio but they are not specifically designed for it. I'm using a dual op amp in this circuit as a preamplifier:<br> <br> <a href="http://img683.imageshack.us/img683/1641/p1010007ep.jpg">http://img683.imageshack.us/img683/1641/p1010007ep.jpg</a><br> <br> Hey Kirbsome my amp is made out of all scavenged parts too! It puts out about 15 watts.<br>
Awesome!<br>Details please?
<br> This is the page I got the schematic off of:<br> <a href="http://www.redcircuits.com/Page1.htm">http://www.redcircuits.com/Page1.htm</a><br> Though I modified it somewhat because I didn't feel like using a high voltage op amp. So I put regulators on board it to run the preamp. I scored some vintage JRC OP amps off a board I salvaged and used one on it. They rock!<br> <br> That project is only so so a really hot one is this:<br> <a href="http://www.gmarts.org/index.php?go=217">http://www.gmarts.org/index.php?go=217</a><br> <br> The schematic at the bottom of that page is the have all and end all! I took the one I made to a music store and let the guy there play with it some. After he got done all he could say was, how much do you want for it? I just smiled and said, not for sale. It is a worthwhile project to do.<br> <br> I've my Eagle files for it but no way to host them. If you'd like I can try to attach them somehow here. A screenshot of the overdrive board:<br>
What should i do?<br>The sound is too noisy. The noise is even amplified when i hold the wires from the audio source.
Unfortunately, there's not much you <em>can </em>do.<br> This amp, it's... crap.<br>
Thanks for the schematics but I can't figure out where does the A cords go from the transistors... Could you please explain that?
Transistors?<br>The only silicon here is in the chip.
Are those pontentiometers then? Why aren't they shown on the video?

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