Simple LM386 Audio Amplifier





Introduction: Simple LM386 Audio Amplifier

About: Every single thing I make is from trash, I can't throw anything out! Well, most things are. Do you have any idea how hard it is to scavenge a 24.000 MHz crystal? Best 2 dollars I ever spent.

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Q: The sound sUxx0rz, fix it!
A: Can't, since there are barely any parts.

Q: How do I add volume control?
A: Either in series with the speaker (volume) or between pin 1 and pin 8 (gain)

Q: Why is there a 7805?
A: To conserve power, you can go without it if you feel like it.



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    Hey Kirbsome! I got a question. I'm some kind of new in that kind of projects ... So why do other users use Capacitors for their amps, what does that change?
    Best Regards

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    Capacitors can do several things. In amps like this one, it's usually
    • To block DC from going through the speaker while passing signal, thereby conserving power.
    • To smooth out power going into the amp, thereby reducing a common humming noise.
    • Combined with a resistor to make a high / low pass filter, thereby making a tone control circuit.
    The reason I didn't use any capacitors for this amp is because I tried using as few parts as possible, but if you want better sound quality I highly recommend them.
    Hope this helps!

    Hey Kirbsome!
    Thank you very much - that helped alot, that was a great reply!
    Have a nice day,

    To anyone out there :)
    Some of my music has heavy bass, but the amplifier cannot output it properly due to lack of power. Is there a way in which I can "precharge" the amplifier so that it won't lack power when a heavy bass comes?

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    Well, it might also be the speaker (small speaker = no bass) but you could always try adding a low-pass filter

    Actually when i use DC adapters capable of delivering 5 volts at higher amperes, the bass is good, that's why i'am sure that its not my speaker. Since i want to create a pocket amplifier, adapters should not be considered as power source, so i want to know if i can create something like precharging the amplifier so that it will be ready for a bass comes.

    Thank you for a reply i'll try putting a low-pass filter. i'll just post here what ever will happen to my amplifier :))

    As stated:
    There's a lack of bass when there's a lack of power.
    The only solution would probably be using some bigger batteries.
    Maybe a DC-DC converter? I don't know.
    But I do want to know how it works out for you :)

    Could you please post schematics for this? Thanks!

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    I want to build this into something ( a music led box) i already made, but it has a 12 v power supply. Can i just add this to the same supply or do i need to do something else?

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    It should work just fine at 12v, you can use the 5v regulator if you want to.

    ;) nice :D


    This makes for a terrible amplifier, but it would be pretty good at keeping a very tiny cup of coffee warm

    Hi, is there any alternative of LM386 that I can use?

    hei guys this is didnt work for me, coz is a noise, i dont have regulator butt im using adapter 6v, can u explain me what is the problem ?

    hei guys this is didnt work for me, coz is a noise, i dont have regulator butt im using adapter 6v, can u explain me what is the problem ?

    Can you tell me a way to solder the mono jack, or what the little parts are for similar to what you did at the beginning of this video? Please and thank you.