Picture of Simple Laptop Sleeve
a simple laptop sleeve to prevent damage from minor knocks and bumps.
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Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
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You will need:
Material - I chose this fabric because it was lying around, and is quite thick, making it suitable for the task at hand.
Scissors - the sharper the better
Thread - preferably of a similar colour to your material
Sewing Machine - you could probably do all of this by hand but i'm lazy.
Laptop - for measuring, and for using with the sleeve after construction.
Pen - preferably something that will wash off, i didnt have this so used a marker that was handy.

Step 2: Roll it up

Picture of Roll it up
Roll the laptop up in the material, with the good side showing.

Step 3: Fold it over

Picture of fold it over
Fold the edge of the material under its self to create the seam that will join the material into a tube.

Step 4: Mark the seam

Picture of Mark the seam
Mark where the seam will go with the pen. mark on both the edge of the tucked under piece and the flat piece that is resting on the laptop.

when you have done this transfer the marks to the back side of the material as accururately as possible. If its not perfect it doesnt matter, but as long as they are close.

Step 5: Pin it together

Picture of Pin it together
with the back side of the material showing, align your marks and pin the two ends together

Step 6: Check the fit

Picture of Check the fit
Not strictly nessercary, but it's probably better to check now than have to redo it later

Step 7: Sew it together

Picture of Sew it together
Sew along the line of pins, try to keep it as accurate as possible, but again, it probably wont matter if it's a bit out.

Step 8: Trim the excess

Picture of Trim the excess
Trim the excess material from the edge you have just sewn, try to leave about 1-2 cm.

Step 9: Close the bottom

Picture of Close the bottom
Sew across the bottom of the pouch at right angles to the long edge. You can pin it if you want but i didnt.
When you have done this trim as before.
Surely the simplest Hmm wonder if i have any Old curtains laying around Lol
I have just done this with a Old tshirt lol (Done it by hand cos My neighbours stole my mums sewing machine lol) and it looks good Im gonna make one from scratch and sew logos on it Etc
ahead7 years ago
This is good instructable for the laptop class
luisrobles8 years ago
the fit looks perfect. Awesome work, but the sewing machine looks very "girly" BTW. Keep the good WORK!!
daryl (author)  luisrobles8 years ago
it belongs to my mother, so masculinity probably wasn't a factor in its purchase.
Ordered an ibook. Good instructable too.