Simple Laptop Stand From MacBook Packaging





Introduction: Simple Laptop Stand From MacBook Packaging

This is a simple laptop stand made from the packaging of a MacBook. Simple to make, and saves the styrofoam from heading to the landfill. Besides the styro that comes with the MacBook has great architectural elements. All you need is the styrofoam packaging that came from your MacBook, 3.5" deck screws (2), and a means of cutting the styrofoam. I am designer at & the idea came to while searching for a cheap effective laptop stands online.

Step 1: Get the Packaging

There are a couple of pieces of foam that come with the packaging, use what ever one you want.

Step 2: Cut the Foam

Cut the foam to create the stand base, I cut mine right along the seam where the cords where stored during shipping.

Step 3: Set the Screws

I used 3.5" deck screws to hold the foam together. The foam is dense and the screws made a great bond, just don't over tighten as you can strip the holes out. I counter sunk my screws so I would never scratch the bottom of my MacBook.

Step 4: That's Basically All There Is to It

Here is a side view of the stand, as you can see the holes that Apple created in the foam will allow for air flow. Some of the stands have lips on the front to keep the laptop from sliding off. The friction of the foam holds the MacBook just fine.

Step 5: All Done and Ready for Action

You can still access the sides to plug in your peripherals.



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    23 Discussions

    ha ha ha....using screws with Styrofoam....and people though I was weird for using screws and cardboard....

    I flipped the big piece upside down so the laptop would fit nice and snug in the grooves....

    just built it, verynice. but extremely annoying. it squeaks on my desk every time i click or press a button on the keyboard. grggggg

    1 reply

    haha! thank you i knew that one day the Styrofoam will be a use to me one day lol

    damn! I have trowed the packaging of my macbook away but it's a nice instructable:D

    dude thank a lot i was looking for one and now i don't need to buy it anymore it's just perfect, and i don´t get any squeking =D

    this is a genius idea! its so cheep. Its free! and fits the macbook perfectly. I will definitely do this if I get a macbook for a graduation present. I hope I do!

    The best homemade stand I've seen. I've been drooling over laptop stands for my macbook pro, and this is the first one I've seen worthy of making. My only change was that I used the other side of the packaging (so that my notebook fits snug inside of it. I can't access the cd-rom without removing it, but I never use it anyway. Thank you for this great idea.

    1 reply

    nanticommando, thanks for the kind words about my laptop stand! I also spent countless hours looking for a laptops stand. Finally , I just decided to build my own, and came up with this concept. Cheers-

    Design in packaging is something that (I think) sets Apple apart from other companies. They have freakin' origami masters in Cupertino.

    Yes, that they do. It adds the the whole experience, when you get a new Mac, opening it, is half the fun, discovering the stickers, or marvelling at the little black screen cloth with an embossed apple logo in the corner.