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Introduction: Simple Laptop Stand

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I always use my laptop on my lap, and it tends to get really hot. I looked online for some kind of stand, but they were all really expensive. I made my own out of a scrap of plywood and some rubber. Now the laptop sits nicely on my lap and still has airflow around it.

Step 1: Gather Materials

I used a piece of quarter inch underlayment plywood that I found in the garage. I then used a scrap of industrial grade rubber that was lying around.

Step 2: Measure Twice, Cut Once

I measured the dimension of my laptop, roughly 12" x 9". Then I sized the plywood a little bit smaller, just because I wanted a smaller profile with the stand.
After I had my piece of plywood I eased the edges with a router to just to make it a little bit nicer. I then used a razor knife to cut out six pieces of rubber. I sized them to be roughly a square centimeter each. I made six so that the back would be a little higher, giving me a slight angle with the laptop.

Step 3: Glue

Next, I flipped over the laptop to find good spots to land the rubber feet. I decided to have it rest next to the laptop's feet. I marked the spots on the piece of plywood.
I used E6000 glue. It is a "craft" glue, but it will glue anything. I glued the two stacks of rubber first, then I glued all four down to the wood. Within 24 hours it was dry and they were solid as a rock.

Step 4: Test It Out

Once it's dry, put the laptop on it and see how you like it. You can always pry the rubber off and re-glue it. I didn't need to cut any angles on the rubber, becuase it squished down a little bit with the laptop. I had to scoot the laptop forward a little bit for balance issues.
It works out great, and it fits right in my laptop bag, too. The laptop stays a lot cooler with just a little bit of airflow around it.



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    this is a similar to what i have just made for my laptop. it kept overheating when i had it on my lap and i didnt really have anywhere to store all my things (harddrive headphones, mouse etc). i made one out of wood with a 3/4 inch deep storage area inside and put a foam base on it. if anyone wants pics , reply and ill post them

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    hi, im not sure if you'll get this but i am doing a business idea for my school and i was wondering if you could put an image on so i could put it on, your idea is really good, and was wondering if you could give us some tips thanks.

    despite the name 'laptop' ... laptops were never designed to be used on your lap bro they have air intakes UNDERNEATH and your lap/knee/nuts are blocking the only source of cool air IN this is the cause of your overheating OP' has made a fine example of a DIY riser nice one OP!

    Yes, yes, let's see it!

    Please post some pics here. thanx

    The possibilty of storage sounds nice. Let me see them pictures.

    i made one of these from a plastic breadboard wrapped in foil to keep microwaves off of my nuts works like a charm nice one OP

    I've got a thing called the lapinator (which isn't DIY..) but is basically a foam pad with a semi-hard top to keep the laptop cooler. Well designed and inexpensive, I use it often.

    There are these squishy, cheap pillows from Walmart that you could glue to the back to make a more fitted surface for your lap.

    Yes, that is actually what inspired me. I just didn't need something so fancy, so I made a simple one. I guess that is Instructables at its finest!

    I've made a similar stand/board. I glued foam rubber to the underside and covered it in fabric to make it more comftable on my lap. I sprayed the top black so it blened in with my machine.

    is there a way to keep this attached to your laptop so u dont have 2 diffrent item lying around