Hey dudes and dudettes! Getting ready for Faire this season and my hubs asked me to braid some leather straps for a baldric for him. I decided to take it a step further and just make the whole thing. Here's a look at what i did!

Step 1: What you'll need.

leather strips (I used 48'' for this)
box cutter (or exacto)
leather punch (with interchangeable tips so you can get the right size.)
rivets (I used tubular...)
tubular rivet peening tool
tailors measuring tape (not pictured cuz I forgot.. )
Two steel rings - 1'' diameter (also not pictured... sorry)
thank you for the ible it is a nice piece i made one but didnt braid it and put a buckle on it so it can be used as a belt
i do like your viking sword..u look like u could use it<br>
That looks fantastic! Great work. :)
Great looking baldric!<br><br>In step 3, you say you used 4 straps in the braid, but I only see 3...<br><br><br>Otherwise, great 'ible.
It's a 4 strap I promise! When you make a four strand braid, you start with three strands and then incorporate the other... he's another picture! (not from project, just an example :) ) Hope that helps.

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