This is my first attempt in making a leather purse, well I think the one I used is rather a faux leather. I made this purse with scrap faux leather I had in stock for a long time but didn't know what to make with it. With little golden design and a pearl bead for the closure, the purse looks quite nice.

Check out this ible to find out how I made this purse ^_^

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this purse you'll need:

  1. Leather (or faux leather, Rexine),
  2. Scissor and x-acto knife,
  3. Needle and waxed thread,
  4. Ruler or measuring scale,
  5. Awl- to punch holes on the leather,
  6. Large pearl bead or any kind of large bead - 1.5cm - 2 cm.
<p>I'm a little out of practice with leather, but this was a fun project for a few hours of hand-sewing :) Thanks!</p>
<p>Great job! So cute!!!</p>
<p>Thank you sooo much Holly! :)</p>
<p>Gorgeous! Love the gold details too! Great job! :)</p>
<p>Thanks a bunch Natalie! Glad to know you like it ^_^</p>
<p>this is gorgeous</p>
<p>Thanks dear!</p>
This is super cool! I love the gold designs too. :)
<p>Thanks! love desiging with gold paint :)</p>
That looks so nice! I so want to make this!!!
<p>Thank you Abigail!</p>
<p>So simple and really nice :-)</p>
<p>Thanks shazni!</p>
<p>Way too pretty!! The sewing thread makes it look like it has fringes all around, I love that!</p>
<p>Thanks sooo much Linda! glad you like that ^_^</p>
It is a delight to always see and read about amazing things you make and design
<p>Thank you so much for the nice compliment! I'm very glad you like my crafts, really it means a lot :)</p>
How talented are you? Beautiful
<p>How elegant is that :, and the golden color added more charm in it :). </p>
<p>Thanks so much Tarun! I didn't plan to add the golden design at the first place, it just happened and I'm glad you like it ^_^</p>

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