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Introduction: Simple Leather Bracelet

A month ago I decided to make another knife. To complete it, I had to buy some leather for the knife sheath. Some of the leather was left unused, so I took a piece of it and made a fancy braclet!

Step 1: Cutting the Leather

First of all, I took a piece of paper and folded it around my arm, to find out, how long the piece of leather must be.

Then I tought the shape of the braclet, so it would hold on my hand without any metal parts.

For cutting I used a simple razor blade.

Step 2: Cutting the Small Parts

Again, using a razor blade I cut the leather as shown in the pictures and then connected the both ends

I also knocked out two holes in the leather, so the both ends would hold together tighter.

Step 3: Holes

When the leather was cut to the desired shape, using this tool I knocked out holes on the both edges of the leather

Step 4: Design

For the design of the braclet I used ancient Latvian symbols. Each of them symbolises something else.

I burned the symbols into the leather, using a wood burning tool. I would suggest doing this in a well ventilated room, because the fumes are harmful.

Step 5: Finishing the Braclet

When the symbols were burned in the leather, I used a simple thread to sew around the edges of the braclet.

End product looks great and holds tight on my hand. It's a fun and easy project if you have a couple free hours and have nothing to do, and even more - you don't need expensive tools to make it!!

If you want this bracelet, you can buy it here on etsy



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What is the burning tool called

Can you show a picture of what it looks like clasped together? I am trying to picture what it looks like when worn, but from where it connects together. Not certain how that two holes and that end shape with the two tails works. Got the materials to make, but I just want to make sure I understand the entire process and the mechanics of it

Check all the pictures at step 2, it is shown there how it looks when connected!

oops! I totally missed that there were even more pics in part 2. I see now! thank you

love this bracelet! What is the name of the tool for the holes please. Thanks.

Thanks! Actually I have no idea, how it's called in english, sorry :(

What's the name of the book you used for the patterns?

It's an old latvian book, and you surely won't be able to get it

awesome band mate!! could you add a picture of the fastening, i need to find out ways of making fastenings with the leather itself, i dont like clips and hook fastenings, so it would be cool to see some new ones