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Hello friend :) , this is my first posting at instructables Led cube 5x5x5 with Arduino,
Now i want to share this project, we need some component like:
- Led Red 5mm 125 pcs
- IC SiftRegister 74HC595 4 pcs
- Socket 16P 4 pcs
- Transistor BC548 5 pcs
- Arduino Uno R3 1 pcs
- Resistor 330 Ohm 30 pcs
- Power Supply 5V 2A 1 pcs
- Pcb Matrix 1 pcs
- Rainbow Cables (Conection)
- Solder ect :)
i'ts very cool project,simple and low cost . . for schematic and skecth i will update next day :) , see you soon :D
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AbdullahA62 (author)2016-11-25

circuit diagram!!!

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