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Introduction: Simple Lego Necklace

After reading Carleyy's blog I was inspired to take up her challenge to make Lego jewelry.
These are really simple to make and the pieces can be changed around to create a different look.  I made two different types. One consists of a backing that you can add different pieces on to decorate it.  The second is created by drilling a hole through some 2x2 bricks and stringing jewelry cord through it .

Step 1: Material and Tools

  • Lego*
  • Jewelry head pins or jump rings
  • Chain/jewelry cord
  • Drill
  • Needle nose pliers
*If you want to buy pieces in unique shapes and colours you can probably find them

Step 2: Choose Backing

For the necklace backing I used a Lego plate.  They are thinner than the Lego bricks and come in various sizes, shapes and colours making it a great canvas in which to build your necklace on.

Step 3: Prepare Backing

To prepare the plate first determine which side it will hang from the chain.  I decided to do the corner.  Using a 1/16 drill bit (I used my Dremel for this), drill a hole through the edge of the plastic of your Lego piece.  Holding the piece in a vice for drilling will help you get a straight, clean hole and keep your fingers safe.

Next take a jewelry head pin or a jump ring and pass it through the hole.  If you are using a head pin, you will need to bend the pin with needle nose pliers and cut off the excess.  Now you can attach the chain.

Step 4: Front Pieces

I added smaller pieces to the backing plate to decorate the necklace.  You can use smaller plates (1x1,1x2,2x2,1x4, etc) of different colours, tiles for a finished look, and transparent, hinged, or flowers pieces too.  The key is arranging them in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Step 5: Finished Pieces

You can switch around pieces and create a new design whenever you want.  Or if you find something that you like you can glue the pieces in place.  I played around with the pieces that I had (I don't actually have very many) and came up with numerous designs, here are just a few.

Step 6: Another Way

I tried another way to make a Lego necklace, which is simply to drill a hole through bricks from the top and stacking several pieces together.  For these I used an 1/8inch drill bit on my Dremel.  Place the piece in a vice to hold it steady and drill a hole through the top (or sides for a different look).  I stacked two pieces together to ensure the holes line up.  I threaded the pieces with jewelry cord to make a necklace (you can also make bracelets this way too).



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    These are cool :D I too like the fish one, and also the one with R2D2's head on it. :D

    Thanks, the fish one is my favorite too.

    (PS enter it into the dadcando contest!)

    They look great! My favorite is the fish looking one, but it flashes by too quickly to see it very well.

    There's a still picture in step 5 if you still want to see it.