Introduction: Simple Line Follower

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simple construction with 2 ir sensors and 1 L298N motor driver board

Step 1: Motors

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take two 1kg-cm 100 rpm motors

Step 2: Chasis

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basic robot chasis is required.

Step 3: Sensors

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two ir sensors are required.

Step 4: Driver

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take one L298N motor driver board

Step 5: Connections

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ir sensor 1 out to L298N in2.
ir sensor 2 out to L298N in4.
motor 1 terminals to L298N out 1 and out 2.
motor 2 terminals to L298N out 3 and out 4.
Vcc and ground of L298N to ir sensor Vcc and ground.
Vcc and ground of L298N to battery.

Step 6: Placing

Picture of Placing

place the ir sensors as shown in the picture.
The distance between the sensors should be less then 4cm.
The sensors should be placed just after the wheels so that there will be fast action.

Step 7: Assembly

all the parts are attached including wheels and it is ready to test


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Satish sd (author)NeranjanM2017-11-06

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