I will explain how to make a simple line follower

Step 1: Materials

1. Arduino Uno

2. Motor dc 5v

3. IC L293D

4. Led

5. Photodioda

6. Resistor 560ohm and 22k

7. Header Male

Step 2: Make a Sensors

Here i am using 2 sensors, if you want to add your sensors can edit yourself.

The layout is already placed pins to be connected to arduino.

Step 3: Make a Driver Motor Dc

Why use ic L293D ? Because, i use a dc motor that does not required a large amperage.

The layout is already placed pins to be connected to arduino.

Step 4: Programming

Step 5: Finish

Let's play..

If you want to see the video, can be seen here https://youtu.be/uLMcPSoDnBc
<p>how to open .dip files?</p>
You must download software diptrace before opening .dip file
<p>Can you also give the circuit diagram?</p>
Schematic ?
Schematic where do you mean ?
<p>thanks a lot.it was really helpful.</p>
Thanks for your comments, good luck
<p>i cannot open a .dip file.can you put it in some other format. thank you!</p>
<p>You have to install the software diptrace before opening the file dip.</p><p>You can get the software in http://www.diptrace.com/</p>
<p>I'd love to see a video of this in action! </p>
Video &rarr; https://youtu.be/uLMcPSoDnBc
<p>vote done....good job for first tuttorial...</p>
Thanks mas eric :)

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