Introduction: Simple Line Following Robot

the simple robot is based on LM393 Dual voltage comparator

The function of the circuit is to match with the photosensitive resistance, and to provide a suitable reference voltage for the LM393 chip.
Because of the different black and white reflectance, the photosensitive resistor will change. In the circuit, allocated to the different resistance voltage different This robot is mainly used to work with this little skill.

Step 1:

Step 2: The Control Board Based on LM393

led + place and the resistances

Step 3: The Sensor Board(LED)

the led “+” are in the middle,the long pin is "+"

Step 4: Sensor Board(Photosensitive Resistance)

Photosensitive resistance

Because of the different black and white
reflectance, the photosensitive resistor will change. In the circuit, allocated to the different resistance voltage different

Step 5: Connet the Mother Board and the Sensor Board

Step 6: The Two Motors

Step 7: The Wire

red to ‘+’

Step 8: The Chassis

The bottom four screws, first installed on the diagonal of the 2, and finally install the remaining 2

Gently adjust the tightness of each screw to ensure the bottom level
Can not be too hard, or the bottom of the plastic film will be broken

Step 9: The Top Four Screws

The upper right corner of the need to pad a piece of paper to prevent short circuit

Step 10: Battery and Charging Board

Step 11: Mini Wheel

Step 12: Fix the Battery and Sensor by Glue

Step 13: Test

When you have done all

Draw a thick black line 1.5cm

Put the robot on the top.

Adjust the 2 Blue potentiometer, you can follow the black line running robot


shibicomen made it!(author)2016-08-11

Nice project!

I'm going to build this for my cousins. may i have the PCB file?

do the mechanical parts have a special name? I want to buy them from nearby shops.

banlanji made it!(author)2016-08-25

i buy the parts from aliexpress

juanjosecastillo made it!(author)2016-06-26

excelent!!! it work's!!! super cheap and easy to buil, tons of fun.
now the upgrade... replacing control board to esp8266 module!!!! soon...

Hafez+K2 made it!(author)2016-06-09

Hello buddy ...

Thank you for a great project ... can i have the robot pcb ?

Thank you so much buddy

banlanji made it!(author)2016-06-16

the file or the PCB?

Hafez+K2 made it!(author)2016-06-19

PCB file please ... Thanks buddy

johnsparkin made it!(author)2016-05-28

In regards to the motors, sprockets, and wheels, may I inquire as to where you got those? Also, what did you use for the chasis?

This looks like a very fun project I could build. And I know a couple of young boys that would love to have these. One may even want to help build them, with me.

banlanji made it!(author)2016-05-28

i have a laser cut machine,first i design the chassis in CAD,then cut them out

and about the wheels,it is assembly by bearing, shaft, rubber ring

and the PCB,made by chinese factory,all of these parts can get on a chinese site Alipress

johnsparkin made it!(author)2016-05-28

Much obliged!

Duxtal made it!(author)2016-05-26

can i have the circuit diagram ?

banlanji made it!(author)2016-05-26

in the intro,you will find it

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