Picture of Simple Long Range Minecraft Cannon
This is a cannon that I designed in Minecraft that shoots quite far.  I has a condensing charge.  For those who don't know what that means, a condensing charge is a charge that fires before the firing charge and removes the spaces between blocks (as seen in pic 2) of tnt increasing the firing range.  I hope that wasn't to confusing.

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Step 1: Building the Frame

Picture of Building the Frame
The first step is to build the frame of the cannon.  Make a shape like in pic 1 that is 15 x 3 wide.  Then add 3 more layers on top of that with the middle hollowed out and the opening in the direction you want to shoot like in pic 2.
MigS19 months ago

Is it possible to do an hybrid version of that?

~KnexBuild~2 years ago
I have used over 10 repeaters in my cannon and it still works well.
electronicz (author)  ~KnexBuild~2 years ago
I just found that one out.