This is a cannon that I designed in Minecraft that shoots quite far.  I has a condensing charge.  For those who don't know what that means, a condensing charge is a charge that fires before the firing charge and removes the spaces between blocks (as seen in pic 2) of tnt increasing the firing range.  I hope that wasn't to confusing.

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Step 2: Adding the Water

Picture of Adding the Water
Place a half block at the end of the cannon.  Then fill it up with water.

Step 3: Adding the Redstone

Add a button onto the back of the cannon like in pic 1.  Then put redstone and repeaters where ever I placed them in pic 2 (and also add blocks next to the repeaters on the left side.  Then fully charge 8 repeaters on the right side (feel free to experiment, but if you go much over that, you'll have a nice big crater in the ground).  And also fully charge the first repeater on the left side of the cannon.

EDIT  : If you charge 10 repeaters, it shoots really far in an arch.

Step 4: Load with TNT and...

Picture of Load with TNT and...
MigS13 months ago

Is it possible to do an hybrid version of that?

I have used over 10 repeaters in my cannon and it still works well.
electronicz (author)  ~KnexBuild~1 year ago
I just found that one out.