Introduction: Simple Lunch-Card Prank

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Hello! This is my first instuctable so please comment rate subscribe.
This is my entry into the back to school contest. This is so easy to perform and almost 100% un-detectable if done right.

Basically when you or the staff swipe the card the black tape blocks it from reading the magnetic strip on your card so it seems that its broken.

Step 1: Tool's

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Right so just a few house-hold item's. 
It really dosnt matter what card you
use so long as it has a black signature 
strip on the back.

*Black tape
*Clear tape
* Sharpener/E-xacto knife

Step 2: Choose Your Tape

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Right you pretty much have 2 choices either clear
or black tape, i would suggest black tape as it
has a less shiny finish to it, but still its your choice.

Step 3: Stick It !

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Place your tape roughly where the black strip is, dont worry just make sure its straight. 

Step 4: Slice It!

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Here's the tricky part, I suggest getting a ruler for this. Take your sharpener blade and gently cut along the ruler edge, before just peel a tiny part up to indicate where to cut.

Step 5: Wash It!

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To ensure a nice clean finish lightly dab it with a wash towel, then dry it with a tissue.

Step 6: Use It!

Now go out and reak cafeteria mayhem!!

Or giftcard mayhem !!!!!!!!!!!


wizzywoo (author)2010-09-14

Lol it was suppose to be aimed at your friends

Valche (author)2010-09-14

Fun idea if you were to do this to a friend's card, but I can't see the entertainment value in holding /yourself/ up in line. Good effort though!

wizzywoo (author)2010-09-13

I thought it would've been obvious but i explained it any way.

JuCo (author)2010-09-13

you might want to mention what this does.

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